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Venus Restaurant

Opp. Lulu Centre, KaramaTel: 04 335 2113 Located at what i call as Karama Restaurants Square….this is the street opposite the Karama Park (will post photos soon) where a lot of restaurants are located. The Venus Restaurant mainly serves south Indian / Udipi cuisine (native to the south Indian state of Karnataka…where Bangalore is located). […]

Mumbai Masala Restaurant

Next to Day 2 Day Supermarket (opp. Karama PO)Tel: 396 9883 / 396 9884(Location Map – on the delivery menu cover below) In my previous post of photos of New Karama, I had mentioned the defunct Aachees restaurant. A couple of days back, when took my wife for an evening stroll through Karama, I found […]

New Karama – Photos

Here are a few photos of one part of New Karama (opp. Post Office) from my archvies. Will be putting up more in due course. Karama is A view of the Karama Post Office (far left) from next to the Baby Shop building. Day To Day 2 Dirham Store – Everything in this store is […]

Karama Stuff!

Living in Karama since I first arrived in Dubai in 1998, I’ve always felt at home here even though I’d stayed later in Abu Dhabi for 3 years before coming back. The sheer volume of restaurants concentrated in the areas of Old Karama and New Karama is enough to amaze a first-time visitor. Residents enjoy […]