Karama Stuff!

Living in Karama since I first arrived in Dubai in 1998, I’ve always felt at home here even though I’d stayed later in Abu Dhabi for 3 years before coming back.

The sheer volume of restaurants concentrated in the areas of Old Karama and New Karama is enough to amaze a first-time visitor. Residents enjoy essential and luxury services all a stone’s throw away. Karama’s location between Deira and Bur Dubai makes it an ideal residential location for those who like the charm of old Dubai.

One Response to “Karama Stuff!”

  1. Living here for about 18 months now. Actually got married to some one living here for 25 years (thats his age too). living together with my inlaws who i assume are here since 28years now!
    My father in law is practically a directory of karama. Just type in a name of a store or a service he can give you even the closing times of the shops and their rates and can even suggest what could be an economical choice for you!.. It amazes me.
    But the downside is that as much as we want to move out of here for a better location, he does not. 🙂
    Nevertheless its a livelt place. (a polite substitute for the word “crowded” )
    nice to see a blog dedicated to Karama.