New Karama – Photos

Here are a few photos of one part of New Karama (opp. Post Office) from my archvies. Will be putting up more in due course. Karama is

A view of the Karama Post Office (far left) from next to the Baby Shop building.

Day To Day 2 Dirham Store – Everything in this store is Dhs.2/-…well almost.

Salt n Pepper Restaurant – Mainly Filipino and Chinese food…quite a popular hangout for Filipinos.

The buildings in Karama are not more than 4 storeys each…and are all residential with ground floor being alloted to shops and offices. These photos were taken on a Friday (official day off), so that explains why the streets are so empty.

Aachees Restaurant – A Kerala restaurant that started with a bang and suddenly closed down one day. Now it still exists – locked for about a year now.

Dubai Fried Chicken – In an earlier avatar, it was called Damascus Fried Chicken and I remember seeing a lot of crowd here…then it changed to Dubai Fried Chicken and suddenly it closed down too….then after 6 months, it has now reopened as Golden Brown.

More views of New Karama.

Chopsticks Restaurant – Excellent Chinese cuisine…small and cosy too!

A Used Furniture shop in the Hamdan Colony area of New Karama. Once there were quite a number of used furntiure shops in this area…seems to have thinned out now.
Residents of Karama are mostly South Asians – Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs too and some Iranians.

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