Venus Restaurant

Opp. Lulu Centre, Karama
Tel: 04 335 2113

Located at what i call as Karama Restaurants Square….this is the street opposite the Karama Park (will post photos soon) where a lot of restaurants are located.

The Venus Restaurant mainly serves south Indian / Udipi cuisine (native to the south Indian state of Karnataka…where Bangalore is located). My eternally favourite south Indian dish is the Ghee Roast – Dosa fried in clarified butter. In Venus, as in other south Indian restaurants, Ghee Roast is served with sambhar and 3 types of chutneys – onion, coconut and coriander-mint. Yum!

Venus Restaurant – snapped from the Karama Park.

Ghee Roast (Dosa) at the Venus Restaurant.

Their Home Delivery Menu (click images to enlarge):

Pg 1

Pg 2

Pg 3

Pg 4

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