Karama lady shares her green living hobby

Found this in yesterday’s (11th July) Emirates Today. Reproduced the pages below…shot them at a hi-res, so it should be readable. Or visit Emirates Today to read the actual article online.

Viji shares a lot of tip and information on how to create useful things with waste material etc.

2 Responses to “Karama lady shares her green living hobby”

  1. i worked in an office located in Karama for about 2 years… i am really sorry to say this, but they were the worst 2 years of my life. Parking was horrible, getting in and out of Karama was a mission, my cars used to get door dinged, scratched, read ended almost on weekly basis and “spitting in public” seemed to be the national Karama Sport activity of choice…

    One thing i liked there, the fact that it was surrounded by really good bakeries… Modern Bakery, Al Reef and Al Arz (changed its name now)..

  2. Hi Moryarti,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in Karama…being the crowded place it is, driving around in Karama is definitely an ordeal specially in the peak hours…hey but I still don’t drive and stroll around a lot – a lot more fun that way!
    Hmmm…I hate ‘Karama’s national sport’ 🙂 too but its not so evident in the New Karama areas.
    And yes…lots of good bakeries and restaurants around…I heard from someone that there are around 500 restaurants or more in this area..not sure if this is true though!