Relieving stress in Karama

Found this interesting article on the Raja Yoga Center website.
The Raja Yoga Center is located in Karama, next to the Post Office…their website has a location map too.

Relieving stress in Karama

ROBERT FLEMMING (Staff Reporter, Khaleej Times)
15 June 2006

Stress. It’s one of the most common ailments of a modern society that races ahead to achieve, meet deadlines and be successful. We are stressed out by relationships that are put under pressure by the stress of work. We are stressed out by the traffic, the heat, the lack of time, by our emotional reactions and by stress! And although we complain about this aspect of our lives, how many of us actually do anything to relieve the condition?

According to Ansuya Sunku, Director of the Bahrain Meditation Centre and Jyotika Hulmani of the Raja Yoga Centre in Karama, the answer lies in meditation. Taking time out from their peaceful lives, they have been talking to people in Wafi City about the benefits of the discipline.

“People are stressed today because there is no balance between the mind and body. We’ve become like machines competing with technology and trying to achieve goals in a shorter span of time. As that increases it creates dependence and we are losing the connection with the inner self,” says Ansuya. “Meditation is a way of connecting with that self and allows you to reach your true potential. Everyone wants peace in their life and it is there deep within you but because we are occupied with so many material things we are unable to access that space deep inside. Meditation takes away the outer dimension. When you connect with that inner self you connect with peace; that power gives you spiritual energy. The mind is energised, actions become more accurate and you become more successful.”

For the uninitiated, the principles may be sound enough but the practice would seem beyond their reach. The art of relaxation is not that easy to learn and when in our busy lives do any of us have time to chill out in a lotus position and repeat ‘I am at peace’ 372 times.

“We teach Raj Yoga which is a technique through which you become a king over yourself. Raj means ‘king’ and yoga, ‘communion’. This is meditation that helps to heal the root rather than simply treating the symptoms. “Overcoming stress by going swimming or reading a book is only a temporary respite. Through meditation you can become the master of the self and when you understand more about yourself, you know what you lack and you can fill the gaps. Raj Yoga does not require any postures or mantras. Take any comfortable position and find the stillness in the body. We make people relax their bodies because until you have that you cannot concentrate the mind. We say that we don’t have the time but we do; unconsciously we waste out time. You must do something for the inner self and meditation nourishes that.”

A registered charity, the centre has been running in Karama for four years but for the first time Ansuya and Jyotika have felt the need to share their skills and knowledge with the greater public of Dubai. It’s a free community service that provides courses and seminars in meditation, stress management, positive thinking, self esteem and emotional intelligence. But meditation is at the core. Meditation is essential in today’s world. Physical exercises help clear physical blockages; meditation clears mental blockages. Perhaps it’s time to make time to meditate.

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