Venus Restaurant

Opp. Lulu Centre, Karama
Tel: 04 335 2113

Located at what i call as Karama Restaurants Square….this is the street opposite the Karama Park (will post photos soon) where a lot of restaurants are located.

The Venus Restaurant mainly serves south Indian / Udipi cuisine (native to the south Indian state of Karnataka…where Bangalore is located). My eternally favourite south Indian dish is the Ghee Roast – Dosa fried in clarified butter. In Venus, as in other south Indian restaurants, Ghee Roast is served with sambhar and 3 types of chutneys – onion, coconut and coriander-mint. Yum!

Venus Restaurant – snapped from the Karama Park.

Ghee Roast (Dosa) at the Venus Restaurant.

Their Home Delivery Menu (click images to enlarge):

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Pg 2

Pg 3

Pg 4

Mumbai Masala Restaurant

Next to Day 2 Day Supermarket (opp. Karama PO)
Tel: 396 9883 / 396 9884
(Location Map – on the delivery menu cover below)

In my previous post of photos of New Karama, I had mentioned the defunct Aachees restaurant. A couple of days back, when took my wife for an evening stroll through Karama, I found that a new restaurant had taken Aachees place – MUMBAI MASALA….I just stepped in to get their home delivery menu. The restaurant was very classily decorated and had neatly dressed and very courteous waiters who opened the door for me.

The new MUMBAI MASALA restaurant (location map on the menu cover below…just click on the image to enlarge).

Mumbai Masala – Delivery Menu


Pg 1

Pg 2

Pg 3

Pg 4

New Karama – Photos

Here are a few photos of one part of New Karama (opp. Post Office) from my archvies. Will be putting up more in due course. Karama is

A view of the Karama Post Office (far left) from next to the Baby Shop building.

Day To Day 2 Dirham Store – Everything in this store is Dhs.2/-…well almost.

Salt n Pepper Restaurant – Mainly Filipino and Chinese food…quite a popular hangout for Filipinos.

The buildings in Karama are not more than 4 storeys each…and are all residential with ground floor being alloted to shops and offices. These photos were taken on a Friday (official day off), so that explains why the streets are so empty.

Aachees Restaurant – A Kerala restaurant that started with a bang and suddenly closed down one day. Now it still exists – locked for about a year now.

Dubai Fried Chicken – In an earlier avatar, it was called Damascus Fried Chicken and I remember seeing a lot of crowd here…then it changed to Dubai Fried Chicken and suddenly it closed down too….then after 6 months, it has now reopened as Golden Brown.

More views of New Karama.

Chopsticks Restaurant – Excellent Chinese cuisine…small and cosy too!

A Used Furniture shop in the Hamdan Colony area of New Karama. Once there were quite a number of used furntiure shops in this area…seems to have thinned out now.
Residents of Karama are mostly South Asians – Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs too and some Iranians.

Karama Stuff!

Living in Karama since I first arrived in Dubai in 1998, I’ve always felt at home here even though I’d stayed later in Abu Dhabi for 3 years before coming back.

The sheer volume of restaurants concentrated in the areas of Old Karama and New Karama is enough to amaze a first-time visitor. Residents enjoy essential and luxury services all a stone’s throw away. Karama’s location between Deira and Bur Dubai makes it an ideal residential location for those who like the charm of old Dubai.